The Ma’at Minute Videos

The ancient moral code that supported the ancient spiritual systems of KMT (“Ancient Egypt”), the Afrikan civilization commonly credited as the first major civilization in human history, was known as Ma’at.  It is known today by 42 Declarations of Innocence (“Negative Confessions” to Western Egyptologists) and nine (some say seven, some say eight) essential principles: Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Harmony, Reciprocity, Balance, Compassion, Order and Propriety (Honored Ancestor Dr. John Chissell, 2000).  The Ma’at Minute series examines each of these nine principles one by one.  This series is still in development, but the completed videos are listed below.  Each video is actually about seven minutes in length.

Ma’at Minute #1: Truth

Ma’at Minute #2: Justice