We at KUUMBAReport are constantly working to make our Web Site more useful and relevant to our community.  We’re pleased to announce the publication of our Community Calendar, sponsored as a cooperative project by KUUMBAReport Online, the Souls Of Life Society and the Maryland Organizing Committee of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC).

The purpose of the Community Calendar is for the posting of events to enrich the Pan-Afrikan Community and communities dedicated to Truth and Justice.  We especially invite Pan-Afrikan and Ma’at-centered community activists, especially those in the Maryland-DC-Virginia-Pennsylvania area, to send information on events you’re planning to us so we can post them on the Calendar, and to check out the Calendar to see when events are being held near you.  In this way, we hope to simultaneously assist in promoting events that are being held for the uplift of our communities and, by publishing the Calendar online for public viewing, do our part to minimize scheduling conflicts among community groups.

Standards for Inclusion in the Calendar

The Calendar is not for the promotion of liquor stores, nightclubs or “strictly-party” events.  To qualify for the Calendar, an event must be an Informational Event (one that is open to the community for educational or community-organizing purposes), a Pan-Afrikan or Ma’at-centered Cultural Event (one that is dedicated to the preservation of Afrikan Culture and/or the promotion of Truth, Justice and Righteousness in the spirit of Ma’at), or one that is being sponsored on behalf of a Community Organization for community uplift.  The Maryland Organizing Committee of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus is sponsoring this Community Calendar to help promote greater cultural consciousness, education and commitment to truth in our communities, specifically those communities of Afrikan descent who are often marginalized in today’s world.  All submissions to the Community Calendar will be reviewed by the Maryland Organizing Committee of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus to ensure that they are appropriate to the overall goal of Community Uplift and the re-establishment of Ma’at in our Community.

To submit a community event for posting in the Community Calendar, contact us at the following email address:

Please submit the following information:

Name of the Event
Organization Sponsoring the Event and Contact Person/Representative Purpose of the Event
Date(s) and Time(s) of the Event
Location(s) of the Event
Contact Number of Sponsor
Web Site and/or Email Address of Sponsor

If there are any questions regarding the event, you’ll be contacted either by email or phone.

Peace and Power,

Bro. Cliff
Editor, Publisher and Just About Everything Else
KUUMBAReport Online



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