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Open Mic Thursdays at Tabba-Tabba Café in West Baltimore, Maryland

Tabba 9

Comedian Sir Alex R at Open Mic Thursday.

Sis. Ertha Harris, Bro. Hakim Muhammad and the Tabba-Tabba Family.

Sis. Ertha Harris, Bro. Hakim Muhammad and the Tabba-Tabba Family.

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“Music is the healing force of the world.”
– The O’Jays, I Love Music, 1975

“Everyone deserves music.”
– Michael Franti & Spearhead, 2003

Pan-Afrikan organizing, working for Truth and Justice, and general Community Activism are all animated by specific beliefs in the way people should live, treat each other, and interact with their home, the Planet Earth.  These beliefs, and the morals and customs that support those beliefs, make up the culture of a people.  This culture is expressed in the everyday actions of the people, but also in the fashion, politics, art and music of the people.  At some point, a people must turn to their culture to nourish, energize and guide their behavior.

Cultural expression, of course, takes many forms.  Visual arts, poetry and spoken word, prose and storytelling, spirituality, philosophy, rituals, dance, music, and more.  Perhaps no one person or vehicle can adequately explore all the different aspects of a people’s culture.  Here, we explore one specific aspect of Afrikan and Afro-Diasporan culture: music.

KUUMBASound seeks to honor that cultural connection that we all share.  A division of KUUMBA Events and Communications and the “sister” sound company to WorldHouse Music & Sound, KUUMBASound provides systems for small-to-medium lectures, presentations and events, and also offers a DJ Service.

Sound Systems: KUUMBASound is available for small-to-medium lectures, presentations and social events.  We can accommodate ballrooms for up to 1000 attendees or multiple rooms of up to several hundred.  We can provide inputs for small-scale live shows for up to ten performers, including microphones for lecturers, presenters, emcees and vocalists.  We can include projectors for images in lectures and presentations.

DJ Service: KUUMBASound emphasizes music from Afrika and the Afrikan Diaspora, “Exploring the Spectrum of Black Music from Afrika, the United States and the World.”  We specialize in Jazz, Rhythm-and-Blues, Easy-Listening, “Top 40”, Conscious Hiphop and House from the United States, as well as a variety of musical styles from Afrika and the Caribbean, including Afrobeat, Calypso, Highlife, Jive, Juju, Makossa, Reggae, Samba, Soca, Soukous and Zouk.  We also have a growing collection of World Music, from Europe, South America and the territories of Indigenous communities around the world.

We have performed at wedding receptions, birthday parties, retirement parties, organizational events, community events, cultural festivals, wake-keepings, outdoor events and night clubs in our 30-plus years of operation.  We have worked with photographers, videographers, limousine services, caterers, ballroom managers and wedding coordinators.

For information on availability and rates, email us at

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