Maryland Pan Afrikan Town Hall 2 Scheduled for Saturday, August 12

Pan Afrikan Town Hall 2 August 12 2017aThe work that was begun on June 24 with the Pan-Afrikan Town Hall Meeting at Baltimore’s historic Arch Social Club continues on Saturday, August 12 with the Maryland Pan-Afrikan Town Hall 2, a cooperative project of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus, Souls of Life Society, Teaching Artist Institute, Organization of All Afrikan Unity-Black Panther Cadre and the Arch Social Club.

The event will continue the building of a Pan Afrikan Agenda for the Maryland Afrikan-Descendant Community, followed by the nomination of a Community Council of Elders and potential State Representatives who would promote the Maryland Pan Afrikan Agenda at national meetings such as the SRDC National Summit (which will be held this October in Nashville, Tennessee) and international gatherings such as Pan Afrikan Congresses, United Nations hearings, African Union meetings and other similar events when the Diaspora is invited to share its global perspectives.

The entire Pan-Afrikan Community is invited to come out to this Town Hall.  For more information, please feel free to contact Bro. Cliff at