Self-Help News: Afrikans are part of poverty induced Nations

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Afrikans are part of poverty induced Nations

Self Help News Logo 2Afrikans are not the only ones who are being manipulated and exploited, by a minority who bloated themselves with ill-gotten wealth and shown themselves as incapable of sharing with those in need.

In  their failures and continued wealth accumulations,  they contributed to poverty of nations. Afrikans are part of the cohorts of people who are being poverty induced. When we connect the human dots, this becomes apparent.

Many Afrikans, those at home and those abroad, are rightly angry against those who had done, and still doing, wrongs against US. WE must not forget those wrongs, as that state of mind should remind us of the rightness and act as driver to our developing collective strategies to change Our circumstances.

WE cannot, however, remain angry always. Unfocussed  anger often saps our energies and produces little and no positive returns.

Humanity must unite against those who threatened US.

It is the responsibility and duty of each to ensure that the other is free from bondage and harm, and that Our needs are fulfilled. And that WE retain free will and freedom of association for collective good.

That WE are fed, clothed, housed, properly informed, being able to engage in worthwhile occupations, have access to  institutions and services, in the interests of individual health and wellbeing. That WE are free from discriminations and that adequate opportunities are available for individuals and collective realisations of Our aspirations.

That Justice is up-held for all. And that the apparent simple SWEP Principles, based on Self-Help, are embraced as part of our way of life. That is, “to Share, to Warn, to Encourage and to Protect, in times of plenty and times of scarcity, rejecting mendacity, larceny and slothfulness.” WE should not complicate things, but remind Ourselves about these basic guidelines, in spite of Our justified anger.

That the concept, promotion and practice of supremacist ideologies, as advanced by individuals, collective and their surrogates, be rejected, rooted out and rid of from among Humanity. That this same approach applies to the interpretations of languages, theologies, metaphysics, mathematics, sciences, technologies, spirituality, cosmologies and others, which promote supremacist notions among Humanity.

This is not a call for Afrikans to be led by other members of Humanity. WE are ever mindful, and must continue to be mindful as required, of history which taught that WE are, and WE must, be Our own leaders. This knowledge must not be allowed to be barrier to our working positively and effectively with others of similar mind-set and willingness, irrespective of their personal circumstances.

WE are first and foremost members of the Human Family, having innate UBUNTU values. WE must equally guard against being robbed of these values, and become mere shell of modernity filled with material aspirations.

Afrikan must organise SELF within a wider campaign for the unity of Humanity. In this process, TRUST MUST BE TRANSPARENT ALWAYS.

The call for Afrikan Unity is compatible with a global campaign for unity of Our Human Family against those who threatened the Human Race, as WE are currently known.

The failure to achieve unity could present  potential risk of the destruction of Humanity. If we allow greed, arrogance, corruptions, human degradations and exploitations to hold sway over Our Global Leaderships, WE might be taken to a place where WE are driven to a point of no return, partly because of trust deficits among nations, as good sense relegated to the periphery of human construct.

Wrongs seemingly right, and WE are not capable of stopping what is destroying US, because WE become part of it.

Our Campaign for Change must be total. A way of life, like breathing, drinking, eating, reproducing, those things which  sustained US – totality of purpose.

Afrika and Afrikans must unite. It is right and good for Humanity. Let’s ensure that Good Sense prevail.


Editorial Collective
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On that basis, the Collective is driven by  Five Self-Help SWEP Principles. That is, to Share, to Warn, to Encourage and to Protect, in times of plenty and times of scarcity, rejecting mendacity, larceny and slothfulness. This is underpinned by equalities retention,  based on the spirit of universal truth and natural justice, without discriminating on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, colour, spirituality, creed, sexual orientation, age, disability,  marital, social, refugee and immigration status, political belief and tribal association.

WE do not seek to build utopia, but secure individual rights, freedom of association, fair and proportional distributions of land, means of productions and wealth creations, to which able bodied contributed to the whole.

The choice of our individual GODS – and no choice at all, is for the individual and the individual  alone, on the basis of free will – freedom of choice. This choice should not cause the destabilisation of human societies, but enhance it for creative diversities and civilised values, as we inter-act with other living entities.

And yet, WE are always mindful and proud of our Afrikan DNA Spring, flowing through our veins.

Editorial Collective
SELF-HELP NEWS – “Giving Voice to the Voiceless”
Released 21 August 2016