Artizen 2017 to be held in Accra, Ghana, March 7th

TAI Artizen Ghana March 2016C
As part of the Teaching Artist Institute’s TAI Tour to Ghana from March 3-12, 2017, to participate in Ghana Music Week, the first annual International Conference on Art for Social Transformation, Artizen 2017, will be held on March 7th at the British Council on Liberia Road in Accra, Ghana.  Featured artists at the Artizen Conference will include Bice Osei Kuffour, President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Linus Abraham, Rector of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), and Kim Poole, Soul-Fusi0n Teaching Artist and Founding Fellow of the Teaching Artist Institute.

The TAI Tour will fly out of the United States on Friday, March 3 and will arrive in Ghana that evening.  Sis. Kim Poole will perform at the National Theater in Ghana on Saturday, March 4, including meetings and workshops with Teaching Artists and prospective Teaching Artists as well as travels in the grassroots communities in the country.  Then, on March 5, Ghana Music Week officially begins, which will include the Artizen Conference at the British Council on Liberia Road.  We will share more information on the TAI Tour in future posts.

Sis. Kim Poole invites the whole community to travel with TAI on this historic Tour, or to simply support TAI’s efforts to help bring Art for Social Transformation to the Motherland and the Diaspora: “Celebrate Ghana’s 60th Anniversary on March 7th 2017 at the 1st Annual International Conference on Art for Social Transformation. Businesses … Buy Ad space in our Commemorative Booklet. Artizens … Come help us Facilitate! Community at LARGE … Register Below for FREE at this link (ARTIZEN: 1st International Conference on Art for Social Transformation) and Participate!”

As described on the Artizen Registration Link, “The First International Conference on Art for Social Transformation is designed to engage various factions of society in artist-led community development. As the fourth pillar of civilization, arts culture has the ability to reactivate the art of possibility needed for practitioners in every sector to stimulate innovation and growth. Influential and hyper-aware of the human beings’ innate creativity, the Artist class is best positioned to lead civic engagement, cross cultural communication, and Imagineering.

“Ultimately, this conference provides an opportunity for the Artist class to stretch beyond the limitation of art as only the aesthetic to train and join the ranks of decision makers in their community as the ‘Artizen.'”

To register for the TAI Tour to Ghana, follow this link (ARTIZEN: 1st International Conference on Art for Social Transformation).

If you’re unable to travel to Ghana for Artizen 2017 but would like to support TAI’s efforts, visit their GoFundMe page.