When are we going to Rebuild a United Front in Baltimore?

Afrika Returning To Roots 1At one time in Baltimore, there was an effort to build coalitions between Pan-Afrikan organizations.  The most recent one I can remember was the Tubman City Alliance, which was promoted (and possibly conceived) by activists in Reality Speaks, Solvivaz Nation and other groups.

Over the years, however, a combination of personal tragedies, conflicts and organizational inertia have plunged much of the Baltimore, Maryland area, including parts of the activist community, into apathy, dysfunction and ineffectiveness.  The Tubman City Alliance, and other efforts at building a Pan-Afrikan United Front before that, would have kept the community together, active, relevant and growing.

There is a serious need to rekindle such a coalition.  If you are interested in taking a hand in the resurgence of true Pan-Afrikan Unity in the Baltimore area and the forging of a more unified, coordinated effort among our many and varied organizations, then either leave a comment here or send an email to me at cliff@kuumbareport.com.